Sustainable cocoa

Sustainable Cocoa

Successful farmers and thriving cocoa-growing communities are essential to bring you the chocolate you love.



Cadbury is proud to announce the roll out of Cocoa Life to Cadbury Dairy Milk products in 2018.

What is Cocoa Life?

Cocoa Life is an industry–leading, independently verified program that will ensure the future of Cadbury chocolate for generations to come

Cocoa Life’s Vision:

We believe in creating empowered thriving cocoa communities as the essential foundation for sustainable cocoa.

Cocoa Life’s fast facts:

  • Cocoa Life has already been rolled out across more than 795 cocoa farming communities around the world, helping them across education, healthcare, infrastructure and other priorities
  • Independent verification shows that farmers’ in the Cocoa Life program in Ghana have seen their incomes increase 49 per cent more than farms outside the program.
  • Alongside Fairtrade, Cocoa Life is also actively supported on the ground by other NGOs including Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), Save The Children, CARE International, World Vision, and Solidaridad.

This means that whenever you buy any of our plain Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate products (available across our bars, blocks, sharepacks, and Fundraising range), it will not only taste good, but make a difference too.

In 2018, you can expect to find the Cocoa Life logo on the front of Cadbury Dairy Milk wrappers, symbolising the adoption of our sustainability program across our core chocolate range.

For more information, please visit or read our official announcement here.