Letter Templates

Ready to rally the troops? Use these templates to communicate with your fundraising team. There are templates for each stage in your Cadbury Fundraiser drive – just fill in the blanks and personalise for your cause.

Tell people about your plans to run a Cadbury Fundraiser

Timing: Send out one week before you plan to kick off the fundraising drive.

Download Thankyou Letter 1.doc #1 For schools and sports clubs

Download Thankyou Letter 1.doc #1 For corporate and community groups

Outline the process for selling Cadbury treats

Timing: Send out with the carry boxes.

Download Thankyou Letter 2.doc #2

Tell people that there's one week left to sell

Timing: Send out one week before the end of your fundraising drive.

Download Great Work 1 week to go letter #3

Celebrate your fundraising project's success

Timing: Send out once you've got the results of your fundraising drive.

Download share the success story letter #4